Couple ideas for your campaigns

  • Post an Attractive Picture - Either showcase our product or a powerful quote on Instagram or Facebook
  • Caption /Strong Call to Action - Write a captivating caption with a strong call-to-action to invite your followers to visit your unique website link 
  •  Share the Link of Your Landing Page - Insert your unique link to your Instagram/Facebook landing page in the caption of the photo. If possible, also place the link in your influencer’s bio with a brief mention of our business
 *A reminder that you can use any of our marketing materials – pictures/videos/product descriptions OR you can choose your own pictures/descriptions/inspirational quotes. Freedom and Inspiration! 
Consistency is a KEY!!! In order to maximise your results you can:
  • 1 x Instagram and Facebook Daily post featuring product with branded @simplicity_hair_and_beauty and multiple hashtags related to hair, hair style and products (including  #simplicityhairandbeauty). Don’t forget to mention the 10% discount that every customer will receive if they shop via your unique link
  • 1 x Instagram and Facebook Daily story featuring product with verbal mention of the brand and your unique website link which includes Exclusive 10% discount to every one of your customers
  •  1 x YouTube video or Blog post that encourages the audience to make a purchase using your unique website link which includes Exclusive 10% discount to every one of your customers
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Every month we send free samples to our Top 15 Influencers ! And its all based on the number of unique leads that you are going to deliver to our website. So the more you promote (by using your Influencer Code) the higher the chances are YOU to be among TOP 15 Influencers of the month. 
Also, if you make a sale through your individual link you earn a highly competitive commission. 
The more you share about SIMPLICITY and our products the higher opportunity you have to grab some free samples and earn commission !!!