Keratin: Why Keratin is Important For Hair Growth

The word keratin comes from the Greek word Kepatos which means horn. This protein is responsible for 90% of hair while the other 10% is made up of moisture in normal hair. Moisture is what gives hair its softness, flexibility, manageability and elasticity...and hair growth.
Keratin is important for hair growth and gives your hair its ability to resist breakdown from wear and tear as well as its strength. When hair is damaged it is primarily the keratin that undergoes the largest amount of damage.

What Is Keratin?


The term keratin is used to refer to an entire group of proteins that are for fibrous structures. Monomers of keratin combine to create bundles that will make up intermediate filaments.
These are tough and insoluble and combine to create very strong tissues that are un-mineralized and found in mammals, amphibians, birds and reptiles. The closest biological substance that is as strong as tissue formed by keratinization is chitin. This protein is found in nails, skin and hair. The buildup of calluses is actually comprised from surplus keratin. These cells are will be shed and replaced on a constant basis.

Effects On Hair 

The protein keratin is naturally found to occur in hair. It is able to help dry, cracked or damaged hair by filling in the cracks of the hair cuticle. Because it is non-permeable its role is that of a protectant layer on cells.
There are many treatments for your hair that are comprised of keratin and have been found very useful in straightening frayed and frizzy hair. Because hair can be the subject of abuse in the form of chemicals and heat it is important to consider keratin for hair growth. It is made out of cells that are dead and then excreted, generally through sweat.

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