Everything You Need to Know About Magnetic False Eyelashes

The hunt for full, fluttery lashes seems to be an on-going one. And although there are a number of volumizing, lengthening, and thickening mascaras on the market, sometimes they don't quite compare to false eyelashes. And even then, falsies can either be a pain to apply or cost a fortune if you hit up a salon. But a  new option has hit the market to stir things up. Meet 3D Magnetic Eyelashes . That's right, magnetic false eyelashes are here to make your lashing life a breeze.

What are they: 3D Magnetic False Eyelashes are false lashes that adhere to your lashes via magnets. The lash extensions give a fuller false effect with magnetic technology that secures your lashes in place—no glue, no stickiness.


How to apply them: To use, place one extension segment above your top lash line and another one underneath your top lash line for a lash sandwich if you will! The magnets will pull together and thus adhere to your lashes to create the fuller effect. You can remove the lashes and replace them as many times as you need to get them right. Because there's no glue needed, the lashes can be used and arranged without problem.

What options are there: There are three options from SIMPLICITY. There's the Synthetic 6pcs Magnetic Eyelashes that are high volume and lengthy for special occasions.Handmade Magnetic Eyelashes - reusable up to 25 times with proper care.Lastly, there's the Tool Box Magnetic Lashes that are subtle and light.

So do they work?: Like most false lashes, they can take some time getting used to. There are some people who find them incredibly easy to apply and get used to their weight and feel in a pinch. For others, there's a bit of a learning curve! Whether you're a lash pro or a total newbie, it's best to take your time while placing on the lashes. And there's no shame in practicing applying and wearing around the house before stepping out!



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