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    At SIMPLICITY, we recommend that you clean your makeup brushes at a minimum of once a month, but if you use your makeup brushes with liquid products or store them uncovered in the bathroom, you should clean them more frequently.
  • The Hair Serum With Snail Extract That Helps Strengthen Color-Damaged, Dry Hair

    Korean hair products are the next big thing. You heard it here first. Discover how the Lador Keratin Power Glue is an innovative hair treatment that gives you silky, healthy hair, especially if its color-damaged.

    Lador is a brand that sells Korean hair products that use a lot of the same ingredients Korean skin care products use. The whole idea behind the brand is to treat your hair with the same love and care that you give your face. In fact, its unique Keratin Power Glue treatment could be considered a serum for your hair.

  • Keratin: Why Keratin is Important For Hair Growth

    How Added Keratin Can Help

    Getting the right amounts of keratin isn’t as simple as eating these foods though. You’ll need to make sure to have several other minerals and vitamins; magnesium, sulfur, zinc and vitamins B & C. A filamentous biomaterial, hair grows out of follicles scattered and even concentrated in different areas of the skin or dermis. It is mainly created from protein and predominantly from the protein keratin.